Bid AdvertisementLocationEstimated Construction Cost ($Million)Project Title
ViewOct-17Roanoke1 to 5DCRWS Equipment Heat Trace and Insulation
ViewDec-17Fort Worth3 to 5Walker Calloway Branch Outfall Trunk Sewer System Phase I
ViewJan-18Grand Prairie1 to 5CRWS PCS Phase III
ViewMar-18Dallas, Farmers Branch, Irving10 to 15CRWS EF-R3 Rehabilitation
ViewMar-18Red Oak5 to 10ROCRWS Bear Creek Gravity Outfall (RBC-1 & RBC-2)
ViewMay-18Grand Prairie1 to 5CRWS Pump Stations 6 and 6A HVAC Modifications
ViewMay-18Grand Prairie1 to 5 CRWS Headworks B Phase II
ViewMay-18Grapevine10 to 15CRWS Bear Creek Interceptor, Segment 09BC-1, Phase 1A
ViewMay-18Grand Prairie15 to 20CRWS Primary Clarifiers 5-8 Rehabilitation
ViewMay-18Euless<1TCWSP Treatment Plant Security Improvements